Friday, July 7, 2017


     One of my friends had mentioned Scrivener to me back last November. I'd looked into it (for all of about five minutes, because I already own Word and was too cheap to consider buying a new program) and dismissed it. Tuesday while answering the daily #pitchwars question, I saw another writer mention they use Scrivener. I figured it was worth a more than five minutes of consideration.

     This morning I downloaded the 30 day free trial. After the tutorial I'm already in love! I might have to fork out the $40 and buy the full program.

     With my first novel I wrote pretty straight forward, one scene from the next, chapter by chapter from start to finish. I'd been planning the basic premise of the novel in my head for a few years, but hadn't found the correct starting point. Then, once I had the first scene written, I'd made a (very) rough outline of the scenes and organized my ideas. It was rather simple, honestly. Only a few paragraphs for a transition between scenes of chapter 2 and 3 caused me trouble, where I skipped ahead until I figured it out.

     My sequel is an entirely different story.

     I wrote about eight chapters during NaNoWriMo and found I had no idea what to do next. I stopped, plotted an outline and had the basic middle and ending scenes determined.

     In January I took another look and realized the beginning chapters were not logically where the story would start. I scrapped it and rewrote the first two chapters. However, I like the dialogue and scenes in that draft. The chapters are need to be restructured and put in different places. This would be a disaster in Word, hence why I've paused the novel for so many months. That, and school was crazy and I needed to work on the query letter for my first novel.

     Enter Scrivener. I have already copy/pasted all my chapters of that draft (and the new draft) and am organizing the scenes so I can integrate them better. This program might be my lifesaver when it comes to rewriting this draft.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Getting serious

     Hello! Update time.

     I'm getting serious about my writing and giving my book the attention it deserves.

     This website is in the midst of being restructured, so I apologize for any odd appearances or links. I have decided to change it from a shared blog with my fellow-writer best friend into an author website. Now that my classes are almost done (only one more short online class!) I have much more time to focus on my writing. With my first novel completed, polished, edited, and ready for submission, I am putting all my effort into querying agents and writing my sequel.

   For those interested in my writing: I have two short stories under the Other Works tab, and information about my book under the Novel tab. I'll update the Progress section and add some blog posts as needed. Please feel free to email be if you have any questions about my book, or follow me on Twitter @SylviaMelt0n